Monday, October 31, 2011

Recovering and a Happy Halloween

I am still recovering from this weekend festivities!  All of the parties were so fabulous and lasted through the night so despite not drinking I still feel like I need this wedding hangover kit they supplied the guests with the night after:
Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!

I indulged in the endless amount of desserts that kept coming out at the wedding (I felt obligated to at least sample them all, right?--last count 7) so hopefully I can resist my Halloween candy!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Arrival

I woke up yesterday and it felt like Fall...finally!  I welcomed the season with a cup of hot chocolate:

Source: via sb on Pinterest

Admired some photos that my Dad took of Fall foliage on a recent trip to Michigan:

Images via Travelmoon

Even had cause to pull out my Hunter Boots again:

And got in the Halloween spirit: carving a pumpkin and buying Halloween candy:

Image via Dilly Dallas via Alisa Burke

I wish my pumpkin looked like this!  Aren't they amazing!!  For a DIY tutorial click here.

I hope Fall is really here to stay!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wedding Extravaganza

Remember this invitation?  The week has arrived.   Some of my best friends are flying in today from across the country, and we are hosting house guests as we spend 4 straight days partying and celebrating at decadent wedding events. It seems that these events scream glitz and glamour and what better way to evoke the mood than swathing myself in sequins. Since this outfit is a little out of reach, I thought it wouldn't hurt to dream about it instead...

*Chanel Le Vernis Django Nail Polish; Gucci Crystal-Embellished Silk-Satin Sandals; Anna Sui Dress; Alexis Bittar Leger Rose Gold Teardrop Earrings; Jimmy Choo Tube Glitter-Twill Clutch

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Belize Beaches

There really isn't anything like being on the water.  I loved every minute of all of the boat rides shuttling us back and forth from our resort in Ambergris Caye to the main town of San Pedro for shopping or dining.  The wind whipping through your hair and the smell of salt water.  When we first arrived, it looked like stormy skies:

That gave way to perfectly pink sunsets:

We went snorkeling on the reef and with sharks:

And spent nights in the town sampling the cuisine.  This was our favorite restaurant--coffee rubbed beef tenderloin and jerk rubbed chicken for dinner, but the best was the dessert.  A banana chimichanga: fried banana in a delicious hard shell smothered in chocolate and caramel with coconut ice cream.  We came back another night for their flourless chocolate cake.

Another favorite was Elvi's Kitchen, a San Pedro establishment that serves a Mayan Dinner on Friday nights.  I opted for the curry shrimp over coconut rice, which also topped my favorites:

We visited the nearby island of Caye Caulker.  What I imagined that San Pedro, the main town, of Ambergris Caye may have looked like fifteen to twenty years ago.  Peaceful, with less stores and restaurants lining a single dirt road:

We walked along the beach on our last day, soaking up the ambience.  I was reenergized and able to return to real life, knowing I had these images to conjure up when I need to catch my breath:

Images via Travelmoon

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Adventures in Belize

I am not really one to sit around on a vacation and laze around the beach for too long.  I prefer constant activity and new experiences so I wasn't going to let being pregnant stop me.  I had marveled at the cave tubing adventures you can find in Belize prior to visiting and found out the waters were very tame.  From the island of Ambergris Caye, we took another flight on this little plane back to the mainland (that makes a grand total of 4 flights on this Tropic Air plane).  Despite my world travels, you would think I wouldn't be afraid of flying but that is not the case, especially on a puddle jumper.

Luckily, the flight is 15 minutes.  The downside, the Belize Municipal Airport's airstrip, which from my approximation appears to be about 10 feet long upon landing. Whewwww, but we made it!

And then, we got talked into going to the Belize Zoo.  I had really not thought this was a place I would visit, being that I grew up spoiled by the world class San Diego Zoo.  But when I heard the details about the Zoo--they only house indigenous animals of Central America-- and it acts as a nature preserve housing both injured animals from the wild and wild animals that were once taken as pets I changed my mind.

It ended up being very enjoyable.  The highlight was the jaguar and the howler monkeys.  Our guide showed my husband how to get them to going, and once he learned he might have made a loud noise one too many times, because every howler monkey in the zoo began their screeching and really never seemed to stop:

I'm really glad we didn't let this opportunity to see wildlife on our trip pass us by:

Then, we made our way to the cave site.  The water was rapidly rising, so we were informed we might be the last group allowed through for the day (just us and our guide).  The guide assured me, it wasn't dangerous, but did make me put on my life jacket so that the guards wouldn't see that I was pregnant and not let me go.  Very comforting!

After a comfortable 20 minute walk through the rain forest, we sat in inner tubes and made our way down the river.

The currents were bringing us down swiftly (it took 30 minutes where it normally takes an hour to complete the journey).  We floated along through the pitch black cave with only our headlight to see at some points, while at others, we saw incredible sparkling stalagmites and the rainforest peeking out through the cave openings.

Then, we continued on the river taking in the surrounding lush forest.

Images via Travelmoon
Of course, we did get in plenty of lounging around on the beach and poolside sipping pina coladas (virgin, of course for me) and on the water.  Tune in tomorrow....

Monday, October 24, 2011

1 Year Blog-iversary

  Source: None via Linda on Pinterest

We are back from Belize and had a fabulous trip (pictures to come)!  And just in time too for another celebration: my 1 year blog-iversary!  It was exactly one year ago that I started this blog as a creative outlet for my passion for interior design, photography, fashion, and travel.  I was enjoying reading others blogs on the same topics and wanted to contribute to the conversation and was feeling an utter lack of being able to participate in anything creative relating to my interests and this blog has definitely helped to satiate that desire.  

So much has happened in the past year, from traveling to amazing places, to moving cross country, and starting a  family.  I have enjoyed the positivity that exudes from all of the visitors I have had here over the past year sharing and encouraging my experiences, bloggers and friends alike, and hope that you will continue to visit and the blog will continue to grow in the next year and years to come!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Destination: Babymoon

We are off today to our babymoon in Belize! I just hope the weather cooperates!  I am taking the rest off the week off from blogging, hope to see you here next week...

Friday, October 14, 2011

Big News!

So the news that I have been hinting at for a couple weeks on here is that I'm expecting a GIRL!! I'm over halfway through my pregnancy, and I really did buy that dress that I had posted earlier this week for a special baby shower!  The shower was a little early since I had a friend who was back in the U.S. for a visit since moving to Israel.  Plus, how could we pass up the gorgeous San Diego weather this time of year:

I will share more shower photos soon.  Next week we head off on our babymoon to Belize, and I can't wait! 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Camel Cape

If there is one fall/winter item to purchase on my list it is a camel cape.  And actually, my favorite one that I have seen so far is from Rachel Zoe's line (#2).  I saw it at Neiman Marcus a couple of months ago, but now it appears to be unavailable online.  Seems like many others agree with my choice if it's sold out!

I would love to wear this all winter.  What is on your fall/winter shopping list?

1. J. Crew Knitted Wool Cape
2. Rachel Zoe Wrap Collar Cape
3. French Connection Military Cape
4. Topshop Double Buckle Cape

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Entryway Lighting Round-up

My new house addition I am on the hunt for is lighting for our entryway.  I had a small chandelier that I brought from our past home to use but then it just didn't seem to work--especially with the dining room flowing just off to the left when you walk in with it's own large chandelier.  I want a light fixture that will complement but not compete.  It is all wired for a light too and since we don't have one there it is quite dreary and dark at night when you walk in to our home.  Enter: a simple flush ceiling light or simple pendant.  I am partial to #1.  What's your favorite?

1. Jonathan Adler Parker Ceiling Light
2. Capital Lighting Fixture Company Loft Matte Semi-Flush
3. Circa Lighting Henry Pendant
4. Possini Euro Design White Flower Ceiling Light
5. Circa Lighting Large Basil Flush Mount

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Art! with Sketch42's Nicole Cohen

Every time I have shared my house I have mentioned that I am missing art.  Well, I finally purchased a statement piece for above my mantle, and I am in love.

I have been admiring Nicole Cohen of Sketch42's blog and artwork for some time:

Images via Nicole Cohen

Available here or at her Etsy shop.

Not to mention her apartment, which also reflects her impeccable taste.  And now, I finally have the pleasure of having one of her paintings on my wall:

I really like how it adds some bright colors and unites the kitchen, kitchen nook and family room-- bringing everything together!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Escapes

I went on a little unexpected blog hiatus.  I extended my trip in San Diego last minute and it was a whirlwind trip without any time for blogging, but now I'm back and have some really great stuff to share this week including some exciting news!

For now, I wanted to extend my last Monday Escapes to India by showing you this spectacular iconic structure:

Image via Travelmoon
Have a great week, and I hope to be more present in the blog world!