Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Library Inspiration

We are hoping to tackle our next house project, which is built-in bookshelves for our study/office.  I have always dreamed of having my own library to house my book collection I have amassed over the years.  It will be a dream come true for this avid reader!

Here is the study now with an empty back wall:

And here are some inspiration photos I pulled to show the contractor starting off with this photo from last month's issue of House Beautiful, which is my major jumping off point:

I like the simplicity of the bookcase but also that the shelves are not uniform with different size spaces to accommodate not only books but anything else I choose to put in that space, adding visual interest.

Monique Lhuillier's library is gorgeous, which goes without saying:

I am also drawn to these black floor to ceiling bookcases that would add contrast to the room:

This one has an L-shape, which is also a consideration given that I have a window that sits awkwardly on the left hand side of the room to contend with making it so I can't take the bookshelves across the entire back wall:

I like the simplicity of these wooden bookshelves without a backing--this seems like an economical option, but probably won't work for me with the window problem I described above:

And a couple more examples of beautiful white bookshelves but with symmetrical shelves:

Another great inspiration photo of floor to ceiling white bookshelves:

If you noticed alot of these libraries had something in common: a ladder. So lastly, I think adding this Ikea ladder is a must!
Inreda Ladder via Ikea

Will keep you updated with progress along the way!


  1. Honestly, I love them all- it would be hard to choose! They are all so different and chic. Keep us posted!

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  3. Gorgeous inspirations! The first inspirational image is my most favorite, I love that the shelf has different sizes and the color palette is so bright and cheery!

    Love your table and rug too, by the way!


  4. Ok I just devoured more of your blog! Love it., gosh and those stripes in your lil baby's room got me! Beyond adorable! Well done!!!!!!!

  5. My uncle and mother are insanely jealous of your beautiful home. They always talk about it. Keep it up by sharing these pictures. Their jealousy makes them more motivated to fix up their homes.