Friday, April 19, 2013

House Tour: Round Here Lately

Here are a few minor house updates we have implemented lately: 

Updated my pillows in the playroom upstairs (love the Celerie Kemble fabric) and added this really inexpensive starburst mirror.

Added on to my gallery wall in the playroom after getting Riley's 1 year photos taken.  Some of the photos are not going to stay once I have others to replace them, but I had to fill up the frames.


Finally got some furniture for my front patio.  I had a minor (okay major) obsession with these striped wicker chairs, heightened by the fact that they were out of stock.  One day, I saw that they were back up online and on sale so I scooped them up immediately.  I also picked up this pebble table from West Elm, and I have been enjoying a nice morning with a cup of coffee or warm evening with a glass of wine out here.

Added some more art to Riley's nursery wall including a watercolor I purchased from the Dallas Flea by a local artist and this free printable.  Also added this adorable toy basket from Land of Nod.

I had a photo of the fiddle leaf fig I picked up at Home Depot for $10 (score) and put in my family room, but it didn't last. I really can't keep a house plant alive!

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  1. Love the gallery wall and a peek at Riley's nursery!

    Have a good weekend!