Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy Belated Blogiversary

Since my posting has been sparse, I missed an important date last month.  My 2 year blogiversary!  Although this year hasn't been my best for blogging, I do still enjoy the creative outlet it allows when I get a moment to post.  I wanted to take a moment to appreciate you readers who keep coming back despite my absence!  Hope to be more present on the blogosphere...

*Image via Pinterest

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sweater Season

A new boutique opened in the area called Cotone, and I was introduced to the Italian label Brandy Melville there.  They have the most comfortable oversize sweaters that are one size fits all and super reasonably priced too.  I picked one up and I am kind of obsessed.  The temperatures have dropped and   in the morning nothing looks more enticing to put on than a comfy sweater.  I love to pair it with leggings and flats or boots for the day, but it's versatile enough that you could definitely dress it up for a date night too like this:

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sleeping on a Cloud

I think a lot about sleep now: when will I get to sleep; how can I maximize my sleep time; will I really ever feel rested again.  So when my brother placed comfortable bedsheets as a top priority to purchase for the condo he is in the process of buying, it got me thinking too.  I always find myself wandering Bed Bath & Beyond trying to buy a very high thread count sheet that is reasonably priced only to find that they are not very soft or special.  
Love this bed and how you can close yourself off to the blackout!
image via Lonny
In search of the perfect bedsheets, we were recently recommended Jennifer Adams sheets.  They retail for $425 but have a roadshow at Costco stores around the country where a King set sells for $100 (smaller sizes are less costly).  I immediately looked up the dates to my nearest Costco and put it in my calendar.  I picked up a set and it is like sleeping on a cloud--impossibly soft and warm.  If you have a preference towards unbelievably soft sheets I highly recommend them but if you like sheets more crisp this might not be your ideal.  You can check when the roadshow hits your nearby Costco here.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Checking in and a Sock Bun

Now that I have gotten my daughter on a more predictable nap/sleeping schedule, which took me 9 months I am hoping to be able to post more regularly.  Her naps have allowed me to delve in to some important endeavors such as perfecting the art of the sock bun.  I had always fashioned my hair in to a bun by myself but bought one of these things hoping to make it thicker and look more finished:

Although I really couldn't figure out how to use it until I saw this:

Have you seen this video?  Apparently a lot of other people think perfecting the art of the sock bun is important too since it has over 2 million views.  Such an easy go to for your hair!  Hope to see you back here again soon...

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Library Update + Instagram

Wow!  Has it really been this x benches arrived and here they are in the library.  I also just joined this century and got an iphone and that means I now have instagram (cue photo above).  My instagram name is travelkate11 if you want to follow.   I am much better at taking photos than blogging right now!