Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday Escapes: Postcards From Around the World

This time of year it is always fun to go to the mailbox and get personalized cards.  It is so rare these days to get anything in the mail other than catalogs or bills.  The lost art of receiving handwritten mail got me thinking of postcards.  I used to send them often on trips, which I stopped doing, and I have a friend who  has recently sent me some from her travels (namely: Belgium, Paris, and Jordan).  When I went on Semester at Sea, I sent my parents many postcards from all over the world and they saved them for me:

South Africa


Salvador, Brazil

Next time I travel I'll be sure to send a postcard!


  1. Ahhhh the wonder of travel and discovery, nothing like it! I am really craving a trip big time, its been the longest its ever been that we havent' taken a trip and I am dying to go to Europe for some reason. But looove Brazil too!

  2. I need to visit some of those places!

  3. Just today I received two beautiful handwritten Christmas cards. It's such a wonderful feeling. I love sending out handwritten cards and I also used to send postcards. We should do that again too instead of posting everything on facebook. What a lovely change that would be. Have a great week, Kate! xo

  4. Love all of these. I would love to get to South Africa one of these days! xo

  5. I guess this is a hint for me to send more postcards your way! :) I've been slacking!

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  7. Love this! I'm a big believer in sending postcards. It's like leaving a little piece of history, a record of yourself and where you have been. Plus I always feel so special receiving them from others.