Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Scandinivian Wedding: Enchanted Castle

The Stockholm wedding photos are here!  We all got our hair done for the wedding off the main square in Landskrona.  They typically don't have large wedding parties at Swedish weddings, so I think it was quite a departure to have so many bridesmaids getting their hair done.  Here is the beautiful bride-to-be getting ready--she totally fits in as a Swede (although it was her groom that is from the area):

The wedding took place at the beautiful Orenas Castle (Orenas Slott).  We all got ready with the bride in her suite and prayed for no rain as the cloudy skies loomed out the window.

Part of the bridesmaids crew
The ceremony took place outdoors and lo and behold the skies cleared.  It took place on a grassy area with stunning backdrops on all sides, overlooking the sea on one end and the castle on the other:

The reception took place upstairs in the ballroom:
It is customary to play wedding games during the reception.

The beautiful couple

And the celebration raged on in to the early morning.

We were up bright and early for the post wedding brunch at Landskrona harbor, overlooking this beautiful view, before heading up to Stockholm and saying farewell to an unforgettable wedding weekend.


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