Thursday, August 18, 2011

Moroccan Rooms with Design Shuffle

Today we have a guest post from Mari at Design Shuffle.  They approached me with the idea of providing an article on Moroccan Rooms, and I couldn't resist, as it's decidedly one of my favorite styles, and I can't get enough.  I have infused some of this style in my home with some of the Moroccan quatrefoil found on my rug and mirrored cabinet in my family room (to be pictured later).  I also have a Moroccan mosaic mirror that resembles the shape of the multiple mirrors hung in the Elle Decor photo below.  I finally got to hang the mirror in my home and will share it with you tomorrow.  Mari and Design Shuffle have provided some wonderful inspiration and examples to draw from:

Hello everyone! Mari here. I write as a guest blogger for Design Shuffle, a totally fabulous social networking site for interior designers, architects, design professionals and enthusiasts. I love my work because I get to explore the beautiful world of interiors every day. Then, it's my job to write about the great decorating ideas I discover.

When asked to do this guest post, I immediately knew what I wanted to write about rooms with a Moroccan flair. I love the global point of view here at Travelmoon. The global marketplace is constantly influencing fashion and interior spaces today. That's especially true of all things Moroccan which are highly sought after right now. This may seem to be a passing fancy for some, but interior designers have long been drawn to this colorful style. Please enjoy!

Design Manifest via

This first living room is one of my favorites. The contemporary space provides a wonderful background for the somewhat understated colors of its Moroccan elements. The hanging light is stunning, as is the massive floor mirror.

Elle Decor via

The master bedroom in the home of fashion designer Liza Bruce and artist Nicholas Alvis Vega outside Marrakech is the perfect blending of ethnic styles Moroccan, Uzbek, Syrian and more.

Interior Holic via

Wrought iron, glass and brass lanterns and colorful textiles merge to create this sitting room with Moroccan flair.

Table Tonic via

How can we resist the appealing Moroccan wedding blanket? Often found in whites and creams, this deep blue one is unexpected. Along with ikat pillows and Moroccan poufs, it introduces global style to a contemporary bedroom design.

House Beautiful via

Paler shades, accented by the brighter hues we expect of rooms with Moroccan flair, give this bedroom a sophisticated and feminine feel.

For the Love of Design via

Totally unexpected, Moroccan touches brighten this modern glam bedroom. Who knew such diverse elements could work so well together. The artwork above the bed is understated and at once captivating.

Table Tonic via

Another space that reaches outside the box, this living room design combines florals with Moroccan pieces the pink and white poufs and intricate lantern hanging light.

Marie Burgos Design via

With its interpretation of those iconic arches, this calming retreat is a beautiful example of adding Moroccan flair to bathroom designs.

This post comes courtesy of Design Shuffle, where you can find top tier interior designs from around the world from New York interior designers, Los Angeles interior designers, and more, check out the latest at Design Shuffle.


  1. Morocco is on the top of my must-visit list right now!

    Andrea x

  2. Morocco themed anything is so big right now. I would love to have a sunken Moroccon room filled with all kinds of fabulous jewel toned pillows. Great inspiration here!

  3. Wow, I absolutely love this! So inspiring!

  4. So beautiful, mesmerizing, love the decor, the colours, everything is so magical

  5. So many gorgeous rooms !! Love them all but the 6th bedroom down is my absolute favorite. Its the perfect mix !!


  6. Lovely guest post! I've been wanting to visit Morocco for a long long time and I'm equally drawn to a Moroccon inspired interior design. That bathroom is gorgeous!

  7. these are all SO gorgeous! and they actually remind me a lot of the interiors we see in india.

  8. OHHH i stayed in morocco for 3 months once - these bring me right back - beautiful stuff.
    Have a nice day sweets,
    A xxx

  9. I love the ELLE DECOR LOOK...that headboard idea is so creative and it just gives that room a focal point! Beautiful!!!!

  10. Great, now I want to go to Morocco. There's this awesome restaurant in Jerusalem called Darna, a Moroccan place and they have the coolest Moroccan interior ever. How have I not been there yet? Especially since Rafi's roots are there!!