Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  My daughter is dressed as Pippi Longstocking this year inspired by my recent trip to Sweden and nostalgia from my childhood.  I watched every Pippi movie including the Swedish ones that were dubbed in English as a kid.  In Stockholm, I visited Junibacken, which is really a sight for very young children just because I wanted to see Villa Villa Kula (a re-creation of Pippi's house) in person.  I was almost the only one without small children riding the Astrid Lundgren ride except for one other lady who I happened to run in to who was there for the same reason.  I brought home a Pippi book and doll and my daughter is now a fan too!

I decorated our front porch with Pinterest inspired pumpkins.  I have no carving skills  and had some leftover gold spray paint and chalkboard paint from other projects so this worked out perfectly.  Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday!