Thursday, February 24, 2011

Modernism Week: Home Tour

For our first house tour we have the Edris House.  Designed by architect E. Stewart Williams and constructed in 1954 for the Edris's--the architect and owners maintained a life long friendship.

Perched on a hill overlooking Palm Springs, the house camoflauges into the surrounding landscape.

When the house went up for sale, the initial buyers intended to turn it into a Spanish Mediterranean home, but as luck would have it, a Spanish home went up for sale closer to town, and they opted out of purchasing the Edris House.   

The current owner, J.R., had often driven by this house, admiring and dreaming of being able to own it one day, never truly imagining that his dream could come to fruition.  J.R. purchased a nearby home and very soon after was informed that the Edris House went up for sale.  He immediately put in an offer sight unseen, with the only stipulation that he had to see the home before closing.  

J.R. and I
His pride in ownership is evident, as he painstakingly maintained every possible finish installed by the original owners.

The guest bedroom is located in the front portion of the house--the only windows are the glass bordering the upper exterior--leaving only the view of the palm trees and mountains.  

But in the back of the house, floor to ceiling glass windows allow you to take in the panorama of Palm Springs splayed out below and trailing down to the pool.

The kitchen is all original, including the oven, cabinets, and hardware.  And no, J.R. does not dine out every night, he actually uses the appliances, which are in perfect working condition!

The view from the living room, with everyone milling around the house tour.

The master bath is spacious and divides the room: the bedroom on one side and an office space on the other.  Conscious of closet space, there is a whole line of closets wrapping around the bathroom to the bedroom quarters.

The bubble lamps are original.

Images via Travelmoon
J.R. explaining his passion for his home to Max Weinberg of Conan and Bruce Springsteen fame.

Hope you enjoyed the tour...


  1. Have you ever been to Frank Llyod Wright's house(s) in Scottsdale? That is your next "to do" on the list!

  2. No I have never been, surprising all the times we have gone to Scottsdale, that we never went. Going to add it to the list :)