Friday, February 4, 2011

Travelogue: Fort Worth Super Bowl Edition

With the upcoming Super Bowl, the buzz and feeling in town is electric.

My mom visited last weekend, and we made our way to Fort Worth for the first time.  ESPN had taken over Sundance Square in downtown Fort Worth.

News crews were filming establishment shots all over town.

We got our fill of tourism at the Stock Yards.  

There was Billy Bob's of Urban Cowboy fame (a little bit before my time but still I had seen a few scenes here and there), streets filled with antique shops-if you are still into decorating with antlers, this is the place to go.

Of course, just as one would envision, there were cowboy hats, boots, horses, and country music.

I may have even spotted a real cowboy.

All Images via Travelmoon
I ran through a maze that was featured in the Amazing Race (a lot harder than it looks!)  And I can check riding a mechanical bull off my bucket list.

Have a great Super Bowl weekend!  I know mine will be filled with excitement here in Dallas!

P.S.  Hard to believe that we woke up to the ground covered with snow multiple times this week after the beautiful weather over the weekend.


  1. What a nice little throwback to Saddle Ranch in the college days! :) Hold long did you stay on for?

    Did you actually go inside Billy Bob's? They say it's the world's largest honkytonk and there are actually some great performers that come through there!

  2. I held on for longer than the pictures would make it seem...but not long at all :) We took a peek in to Billy Bob's they do have some great country acts that play there--would be great to go to a concert at some point. (Maybe when you come visit!)

  3. Kate your bull riding is ammmmmmmmmmmmaaaaazing!!!!!

  4. Awesome pics! You make bull riding glamorous!