Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Escapes

I am still in Palm Springs enjoying a little escape of my own.  But I am having thoughts of palm trees wafting in the breeze by the sea (rather than the desert).  Although Valentine's Day is over, a little bit of romance is at this month's core.

That's why this week I am taking you to a Caribbean location where I can reminisce about romance, as this was where my husband and I took our first vacation together.
A locale with a fusion of different flavors that can hold its own against any other city with world class international cuisine.  A place where I began my life long love affair with not only my husband but plantains.
This capital city has cobblestone streets lined with sun drenched buildings displaying its colonial past.
In the heart of the city, this tree overflowing with branches boasts its old age.
The fort stands against the sea, beckoning you to trail along its winding path.
Images via Travelmoon
It's San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Have a great week!!


  1. Perfect timing for this one :)