Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New House Updates

My yellow ginger jars are here.  After one color mishap, the jars I ordered from Two's Company ended up being too orangey--more ochre than yellow so after sending those back I found these gems from Bellacor at the third of the price!

We also took the plunge and invested in a king bed and king mattress--something my husband and I have been talking about for years.  When this headboard popped up on Joss & Main, we bought it and immediately went mattress shopping.  A good time of year to buy a mattress since they have Labor Day Sales going!

One last thing: I want to hang a piece of artwork over my fireplace.  I put painter's tape up to mimic the size of the painting I have my eye on and wanted to know what you think of the size?  Is the scale too large or just right?
(I didn't put the tape over the top width, because I couldn't reach)


  1. Loooovve the funky ginger jars and also really love the fabric on that bench(?) - it is coming together beautifully!

  2. I love that gorgeous headboard! King size, turfed and white, it's perfect!

    I think the scale of the art is spot on. You have either side left for some accessories like vases, candles or any other tall objects! :)

    I always enjoy checking out your new home updates. It's always fun and inspiring! :)


  3. The bed is gorgeous !! Love it. And the art is definitely not too large...I would go even larger if you wanted or that size !


  4. Love the pops of yellow in those jars - like sunshine on a rainy day! How smart of you to tape out your art before buying it - I tend to invest then try to find a place where it will fit.

  5. Loving your living room!! amazing!! love that trina turk fabric ;-) I think the art is a great size! Do you know what kind of art you want to do?

  6. Loving your yellow ginger jars and really enjoying seeing all the goodies find their place in your gorgeous new home!! Love the bed you bought too! Re the art, it was smart to tape it out, I do that too...yes size looks just about right you could go even a wee bit bigger, but wouldnt' go smaller. Good luck can't wait to see more..so great to be back in blogland!