Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kelly Hoppen Wallpaper

I am still dreaming about wallpapering our powder bathroom in Eskayel wallpaper.  Since it is not really in budget or high on the house priority scale, I have been looking for other options.  I stumbled upon these Kelly Hoppen for Graham & Brown wallpapers on a little bit ago.

I really like this classic Hicks pattern:

Hicks: Taupe/Silver

And even more dramatic in this colorway:

Hicks: Taupe/Charcoal/Silver
It also comes in a burnt orange colorway.

This textural option could add a some interest to the powder room but lacks the impact of the others:

Shagreen: White Pepper/Silver

The last contender is this large scale pattern:
Tattoo: Black and Beige


  1. Go for it, Kate! I used to wallpaper our old home and it was money well spent.

    Looking forward to see which design you end up with! All these selections are so fabulous!


  2. How I would love to have one of those wallpapers in my apt.. that last one especially! <3


  3. Ooh love that first one a lot! Good picks!

  4. I used a bold, large scale patterned wallpaper in my powder room and I'm so glad I did. It really is the only spot in the house you can get away with such a thing! That said, the last wallpaper is my favorite :)

  5. Love that first one, the colors of the warm and cool is just gorgeous!!

  6. I always prefer a painted wall to wallpaper, because you can hang on an artwork without it looking to heavy. But if I had to choose among these, it would be the 3rd one, it's the simplest one and simplicity is always elegant. :)

  7. gorgeous. that last one is my fave.