Friday, January 21, 2011

Sunshine during the Rain

Despite a brief respite (48 degrees), it is still bitterly cold in Dallas.  And if you want to know what is getting me through the long weeks of gloomy skies, 30 degree chill, and misty rain.  Nope, not a heavy winter coat--it is this Henri Bendel clutch.

While shopping with my grandparents in Boca Raton, I happened to discover they have a Henri Bendel, an accessories and handbag haven.  

Luckily, (with only very few stores peppered across the country) I happened to leave a city that had one (San Diego) move to a city with a Bendel’s (Dallas) and most importantly vacation in a spot with one (Boca Raton) so I could happen upon this steal: 50% off orange assymetrical faux crocodile clutch.  

It is the perfect color to remind me that sunshine is just around the corner and adds just the right amount of punch to any outfit!


  1. I agree! I think I commented on it when you were in SD...I love it!