Friday, January 28, 2011

Rue Magazine: Best Issue Yet

Rue magazine has really done it this time, I devoured this issue!  It left me brimming with inspiration and my heart beating just a bit faster every time I turned the page in anticipation of the next image.

The cover story for this issue is a Fine Frenzy's, Alison Sudol's vintage abode.   I have been a fan of their music for sometime, but sent over the edge with the discovery of the the song, You Picked Me.  I had it on repeat for two days, before my husband implored me to turn it off.

By far my favorite feature is Nicole Cohen aka Sketch42's UES apartment.  I have admired her blog for quite a long time (it was one of the first blogs I read), her candid, tell-it-like-it-is attitude, her abstract artwork, and knack for interiors has been quite an inspiration for me.  (And then there is her penchant for watching Real Housewives and providing entertaining and insightful recaps to suck me right in).

She has my two favorite things in her kitchen: carrera marble and Hicks pendant lights.  

Her ability to infuse both the masculine and feminine with bold touches of black/dark blue, including her glossy black doors, is so chic and sophisticated.  There are so many details to take in (i.e. her ceilings, absolutely gorgeous), I had to go through the feature twice.

Here are some more Rue images to feast on:

All Images via Rue Magazine
To view the lovely images yourself and the rest of the magazine pop over to Rue.


  1. Thanks for the post hun! It really means so much to me!

  2. I love all the cool mirrors and of course I am obsessed with those pendants as well! I have got to save up for some!

  3. So Amanda told me about this blog and I am sure you already know about it but I am obsessed!!! Especially with this couples DIY projects...

    It seems a bit like your style :)