Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Escapes: Oprah Style

In honor of Oprah's Australian Adventure.  I am taking you to Australia this week:

Image via Travelmoon
(Whitsunday Islands/Whitehaven Beach)

Actually, let's leave this to the pros: I will let Australian photographer extraordinaire Peter Lik (also see here) take you to on a whirlwind tour of some of the country's most famous landmarks:

Speaking of Oprah's trip, one of our great family friends actually got picked as an Ultimate Viewer and heard this live: (cue the Oprah voice)...
"WE'RE GOING TO AUSTRALLLLIIIIIIAAAAA!!!!!"  But even better then just hearing those words, she got to actually experience the journey, along with being interviewed by Oprah herself, which aired on the first taping!

And blogging was part of the reason they got chosen: check out Style Substance Soul for the behind-the-scenes and read about their exciting Ultimate Adventure!

P.S. Oprah got to do this: hover in a helicopter over the heart shaped island on the Great Barrier Reef!  Has anyone else experienced this?

Images via Peter Lik


  1. This makes me want to go back to Australia! There is an Australia girl in my Hebrew classes that is making me miss OZ so much everyday! How did your friend's blog make it to Oprah's staff?!

  2. One of the writers of the website wrote Oprah a letter answering a question from Oprah's website, and she got called from the producers. You can read the story here:

  3. Three of my LOVES all in one post...Whitsunday Islands (and OZ in general), Oprah and Peter Lik! This post tops them all!!

  4. Hey Kate! Beautiful pictures. Thanks for mentioning us, I guess no story about Australia this year is complete without Oprah and her Ultimate Viewers.

  5. Thanks for stopping by. I am fascinated by your behind-the-scenes descriptions on your blog!