Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Matchbook Magazine

Check out the new digital magazine that launched today: Matchbook Magazine.  

Matchbook has a fresh voice and varied content, distinctive from the other online digital mags that I loyally follow.  Yet another entertaining read to add to the growing population of online magazines.

Speaking of which, Rue Magazine's new issue comes out this Thursday, and I am already eagerly waiting.  Not to mention, the debut of High Gloss next week.  

When done well, I seriously can't get enough of these online magazines, keep 'em coming...


  1. Ooh, sounds cool! Thanks for sharing. I'm always really interested in start-up/indie mags. They're so much better then the mainstream ones. I'm excited to take a look at Rue, too!

  2. I agree! I am often more excited when they come out than the magazines I subscribe to in the mail.