Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Escapes: Wish List

It's the beginning of a new year, so it's about time for me to start dreaming about our big vacation for 2011 (not that I really ever take a break from travel day dreaming).  Here are the locations topping my travel wish list:

1. Greece
Image via mrmrsglobetrot
This one always tops my list and then loses out to other locations usually because of the time of year we tend to go on our trip (early November)--I want to see Santorini when it's sun drenched not when I have to wear a coat.

2. Turkey

Anything remotely exotic, count me in!  This has also been a list topper for quite some time.

3. Guatemala

4. Belize

I have also been aching to return to Central America to see new destinations: Guatemala for the culture and natural beauty, namely to visit Antigua and Tikal & Belize for it's stunning beaches and diving.

What places are you dreaming of traveling to this year?


  1. Well seen as I have been to three out of the four...Turkey it is :)

  2. Since Erin is sooooo cool, Kate, lets fly into greece and ERin can meet us in Turkey! :)

  3. Sounds like a plan! We are already all of the way there, no point in leaving Greece out :)

  4. My thoughts are that if you only have a week or 10 days then you can't do both. Too much to see in both places (just a thought) :)