Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hotel Spotlight: Casa Encantada

If I didn't share this charming boutique hotel with you, it would really feel like I was keeping a secret that is just too good not to share.

Casa Encantada, La Antigua, Guatemala
Finding a place to stay in Antigua, or anywhere for that matter, is the definitive link that solidifies a trip for us.  Gone are my hostels days, and I have realized that where you stay can often define your experience.  I spend countless hours poring over reviews and doing internet searches before I settle on a hotel.  

When you are met with impeccable service, a cozy lobby with oversized sofa and chairs in serene blues that looks out to the courtyard, and an atmosphere that reflects the surrounding location, it can really give you a sense of place and excitement.  This is what we found at Casa Encantada.

Entering the small gate of Casa Encantada, you are greeted by a lush courtyard where a glistening lap pool and fountain comes into full view.  An oasis from the city streets, bougainvillea towers over the walkway.

One of the guest rooms is behind the lobby, with stone steps over shallow water lit up by candles in the evening, you must walk over the steps to reach the room.  This room is tucked quietly in the back of the property and both for the peace and quiet and novelty effect that it affords, it is often sold out, so request early.

The rooms are furnished with white bed linens, and often a huipil (traditional Guatemalan tunics) hangs on the wall.  Walking through the common areas you discover other traditional touches, wood beams, candelabras, stone walls, and terracotta floors.  

On the second floor, a terrace awaits, where we had breakfast overlooking the nearby volcanoes, even though it was complimentary, a full menu was supplied, this was no standard Continental breakfast fare: plantains, black beans, guacamole, eggs any style...

This small boutique hotel has only 10 guest bedrooms, which only enhances its intimate feel.  We had the luxury of staying in two separate rooms, my husband surprised me with the suite for my birthday.  The wrought iron four poster bed that greeted us and the jacuzzi tub with jets was a perfect birthday treat.

The Suite
Even more so, when waiting for us after dinner was a room strewn with rose petals, lit candles, and a bottle of champagne with two champagne flutes.  And all this just for my birthday!

Birthday Dinner at Meson Panza Verde
Images via Travelmoon


  1. Wow! This place is stunning! I completely agree with you about ditching hostels. When I first started travelling I stayed in some hole-in-the-walls and it didn't bother me too much, now I look for the whole experience instead...

  2. Thanks! I have stayed in enough hostels to last a lifetime, some were great but others were just terrible! The ambience that you surround yourself in during a vacation can definitely enhance or dampen your experience, so picking a hotel is so important to me!

  3. What an awesome blog. Stunning photos - looks like an enchanting place to stay. Thank you so much for stopping by Emily A Clark this morning and reading about my chair! I appreciate your comment! I'm a newbie when it comes to blogging, so thank you so much!

  4. What a lovely house! The rustic feel is so charming! Enjoy the beautiful day, Kellie xx

  5. What a lovely and intimate place! Ada

  6. I really enjoyed this post, lovely blog! Also this house is just GORGEOUS.

  7. Oh how I'd love to be there on vacation right now! :D I'm going to my bathtub instead! :D

  8. wow! what an intimate little gem!

    A bit late but..Happy birthday!!

    I'm looking to go Dubai next week but am soo spoilt for choice with the hotels.. need to book ASAP! (any recommendations?)

    intersting blog, am following :)

    Malisha x

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  10. I wanna go here! How amazing it looks.

  11. wow, looks like paradise! love it.

  12. woww,it's looks so comfy ;D

  13. Looks really charming!
    Thanks for the comment :) Happy weekend!

  14. This soooo reminds me of our charming hotel in Cusco...

    Perfect if anyone is looking a reasonably priced place to stay in Cusco, Pery!

  15. I completely agree with you about hotel selection. I do extensive research before all of my trips. Looks like yours paid off!xx


  16. beautiful!! love these.

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