Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Escapes

A little late to the party, but last week's Mardi Gras celebration got me inspired to re-visit New Orleans.   The perfect spot for a bachelorette party: you can re-live your college days partying on Bourbon Street all night long, but unlike Vegas (as fun as it is), this city has a long and storied culture to explore during the day too!  The jazz music wafting through the air, the piping hot mouth-watering beignets of Cafe du Monde, and walking the streets eyeing the buildings with their ornate balconies.

Here it is New Orleans:

Images via Travelmoon

Have a great week!


  1. I sooooo want to go back! Brittany, Tara, Alex and I were just talking about going back on Saturday. Someone needs to get married soon :)

  2. Agreed! I am so close now...just say the word, and I will meet you there :)

  3. hahaha okay i will get married.....but to whom?

  4. It doesn't matter as long as we can all get together to celebrate your bachelorette party ;) Just kidding...I am still on the look-out for your perfect man here in Dallas!