Friday, March 11, 2011

El Lago Bonita

The drive from Antigua to Lake Atitlan should have taken no more than 3 hours.  Somehow we managed to find the slowest driver in the country, instead of careening around cars at scream inducing speeds we looked in shock as semi trucks passed us instead.  

Arriving in Panajachel, the main town at the Lake long after we had planned, we were dropped off quickly, at a small tourist stand.  We left our suitcases up to the luggage gods, and found ourselves in a small boat in the middle of a massive lake with instructions to look for our guide Thomas on a beach in an unknown village.  We received curious stares from the locals, who were the only others on the boat, that kept sputtering to a stop, leaving us wondering at what point we may get stranded.

When people wonder why I travel, and then wonder again why I choose places that may be a little off the beaten path, it is because I crave a challenge along with my beautiful scenery.  It is in moments like these, that I can truly relax and enjoy my surroundings.  I was filled with pangs of excitement for what I would discover once we reached dry land, but for now I was happy to be here on this glistening lake, surrounded by towering mountains and volcanoes.

We did find Thomas and a whole lot more in Lake Atitlan and the surrounding villages.  I hope you enjoy the snapshots I took on our journey:

Images via Travelmoon


  1. Very pretty...makes me miss Peru with all the colorful shots :)

  2. found your site thru made by girl's comments..very nice! I'm also a travel junkie, just started a blog last week since I have thousands of pictures from my trips...Guatemala was beautiful wasn't it?!..It was so much more than I expected...nice pics! have added you to my 'follow' list!
    —Lorena :-)

  3. Thanks for following! I will definitely take a look at your new blog, it is always nice to meet a fellow traveler!!

  4. The vibrant colors are to die for...I'm so impressed with these photos! Can't wait to see more from you :) xoxo {av}

  5. Thanks so much, I am so flattered!

  6. thank you for checking out my page! (just wanted to let you know I've changed my web blog is now at if interested in following!.. :-)