Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Guatemala: The Wonder of Tikal

The Mayan Ruins of Tikal are a place of wonder--like the Egyptian Pyramids it is difficult to conceive the tenacity and engineering it took to build these structures thousands of years ago.  Also, a wonder that after only a short jaunt on a propeller plane from the urban sprawl of Guatemala City you can be transported into this other world.
The grandiose Ceiba Tree with it's furling red tendrils, could easily be the inspiration for the giant trees in the movie Avatar, especially with the Mayan beliefs of its spiritual underpinnings.
Images via Travelmoon
Climbing the steep stairways of multiple temples was sometimes treacherous, especially those stairs leading to the "scary temple" so named because of what appeared to be a stairway that was 90 degrees vertical, but the top of the temples afforded undeniably the best views of what felt like the entire expanse of Guatemala.


  1. What a teaser! I can't wait any longer to see the rest of your pictures from your trip. This post brings back such pleasing memories of such a beautiful country!

  2. Don't worry there are more to come... :)

  3. Can't wait to see the rest...this reminds me exactly of Palenque!!!

  4. I am loving your Guatemala pics! My sisters and I were thinking about booking a trip for April but it's already so last minute, so I doubt it will happen, I will keep dreaming about it till then!