Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hotel Spotlight: Coco Beach Resort

I wouldn't have provided a full re-cap of our Belize trip without showcasing the Coco Beach Resort (also, see here and here).  I always put hours of time into researching hotels for any trip.  I don't feel like a hotel is only a place to sleep, but rather an experience.  I also don't think that staying at a luxury resort has to break the bank.  We timed going to Belize during the end of low season where there were many deals to be found.  In fact, the hotel rate went up significantly if we had booked our trip for just one week later.

The Coco Beach Resort is located on Ambergris Caye, just a ten minute boat ride from the main town of San Pedro.  Regular water taxis go back and forth between the resort's private dock and San Pedro for shopping or eating at the many restaurants in town.

When you arrive at the dock, you are greeted with this view of the spacious but intimate resort:

I felt like I saw the same people the entire time, everyone was very friendly and even blissful, as there were many honeymooners enjoying the grounds.

The multiple expansive pools were the perfect place to lounge.  The pools in front surrounded a hot tub and boasted views to the ocean.  While the pool in back by the casitas, has a rock formation that you can jump from if you dare, and also houses a slide:

I always find a pool bar adds a great ambience to a locale.  Nothing says tropical vacation like enjoying a fruity drink in or by the water.

The service was excellent.  You never passed by any of the hotel staff who didn't meet you with a smile and a greeting.  They cater to your every need: snorkeling, diving, or fishing trips; trips to the mainland of Belize; and excellent in-house spa services.  We enjoyed a couple's Belizean massage in the comfort of our casita, that was so relaxing we wished we could bring the masseuses home with us.  The room was spacious with a full kitchen, sitting room, and lots of Belizean wood:

The highlight of our hotel had to be that they happened to be filming the Bachelor at the resort.  I am an avid but skeptical show viewer.  Every new season I swear it off, but then get sucked in for some reason or another.  This time, I will sure to be watching, as the cast and crew were swarming our hotel all week.

Just a few things we got to see: helicopters whirring over our head getting swooping shots of the surrounding location and hotel from a birds-eye view, fantasy dates on the hotel dock, multiple sightings of the Bachelor doing his obligatory shots: diving into the pool and pretending to walk out of his hotel room.  Not to mention, the host, Chris Harrison, relaxing by the pool with his family.  Here are my paparazzi attempts:

Ben the Bachelor

Chris Harrison-The Host

So like I said, I will certainly be watching, if not for the only reason being to re-live our stay at this beautiful location:

Images via Travelmoon


  1. Great pictures, your hubby looks so relaxed and seeing that tropical drink makes me want to be away..far away from our cold and dreary weather!! Glad it was fun..beautiful place.

  2. Wow... what an amazing place!!! I almost felt the sunshine! :-)
    Have a great day, sweetie.


    Luciane at

  3. Belize is now my new number one tropical destination! Everything looks so blue and inviting! I will definitely be checking out this resort for our honeymoon plans. I can’t believe they were filming the Bachelor there, that would’ve made my holiday!

  4. I vote for Belize if we EVER get it together for an Australia reunion. It looks incredible! At least you are brave enough to snap paparazzi shots. The rare few times I've been in those situations, I freeze up and try to act like Joe Cool. Also, I love that waving shot of Jason, it's like the signature Ray wave :)

  5. My goodness, Kate, it looks amazing! I totally agree, a hotel is an experience, not just a place to sleep in during your vacation, I always put much thought into finding a good one whenever I travel.

  6. Erin-sounds great! I only took the photos from very far away with zoom, I was hiding behind columns and in the lobby behind a window so I don't think they saw me :)

  7. The resort looks fabulous! My favorite is the pool bar!

    Have a wonderful day, Kate!


  8. I am closing my eyes and pretending i am lounging by the pool right now. Seriously.