Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nursery Bathroom Hardware

If anyone knows a better go-to place for decorative hardware than Anthropologie, please pass it on!  When you are looking for some fun hardware, especially in glass, Anthropologie is always my first stop.  I decided to purchase some fun knobs for the small portion of the Jack and Jill bathroom off the nursery.  These were my top contenders, before I finally settled on #5 (really wish #2 came in pink and white).  


  1. beautiful! they have great hardware! I love #3 too!
    xo Allison
    Spicer + Bank

  2. Well as you know, am a big fan of their hardware, its beautiful and so different and vintage-y. Love what you chose...beautiful!

  3. #2 would have been my choice too. :) But #5 is so lovely. Have a beautiful day, Kate! :)

  4. Love #3 and #5! Wonderful final choice! My go-to place is Anthropologie, and World Market also has some great options!

  5. #5 is better than #2 anyways because it has that sparkly, diamond-looking center. Lucky baby girl! She's gonna have the best room.