Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Escapes

Exactly a year ago we were here:

In Bali!

(Also, see HERE)

Part of the reason I enjoy taking photos (and I take many!) is because just one detail years later can bring you right back to a blissful trip.  For a moment, you can evoke all of the feelings of actually being somewhere exotic and far-flung.

Our next vacation might look a little more like this:

Images via Travelmoon
Have a great week!


  1. Amazing pictures....always wanted to go to Bali, am thinking in a few years when we are settled and not crazed with our house, we will be ready for a big trip like that, beautiful highlights.

  2. Bali is one of those magical places where it's impossible to take a bad picture... A nice little escape before a hectic Monday!

  3. You are so right, Kate. The power a photograph has to bring back a memory, a certain moment in the past, is amazing. You've been to some fantastic places! xoxo

  4. I always feel so inspired by holiday snaps that I find myself researching the destinations! Beautiful pics Kate! Do you have any future trips planned now with the little one on the way?

  5. Beautiful photos! Bali is on my lists of places to eventually visit!

  6. Those are absolutely stunning...I would want to remember every detail of a trip like that, too! It's the best to look back at those pics and have that flood of memories...and this last picture??? That doesn't mean you are going to be carting around a baby Travelkate, does it??? Just spitballing here...

  7. I always love your travel pictures! I want to visit Bali someday as well. Gorgeous pictures, that beach looks amazing!


  8. My husband and i are going this summer! Im soo excited! Any recommendations?