Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Look Back at BALI

I have tried to explain to those who have asked about my trip, what made it shoot up to the top of my list of favorite places ever visited.  Here is my attempt to sum up what cannot fully be explained.

The People. 
The Balinese people had the warmest hearts, and they took a compliment to their country, as a source of personal pride.

The Culture.  
Just a snippet: the traditional Kecak dance, young kids playing soccer in Ubud, and the devout adherence to giving offerings multiple times daily.

Art is a way of life in Bali.  There are whole towns dedicated to an art form: woodcarving, batik making, and silver making; there are sculptures and intricate carvings all around each town.  Not to mention the painters, whose work can be seen in abundance in Ubud.

The Temples/Architecture.  
Not only are there temples that are tourist attractions for their significance and beauty, but also temples abound in all towns, and they are all architecturally interesting if not stunning.

The Scenery.  
From the beaches, to the rice paddies, to the lush tropical vegetation that can be seen from around the island, the scenery is unparalleled.

The Monkeys.  
As sometimes aggressive as they are, I do enjoy seeing monkeys roaming around wild.

Despite the hustle and bustle of the streets, overflowing with motorbikes, there was an overwhelming sense of peace that we felt just being in Bali.

It is likely a mixture of all of these components with a touch of the inexplicable that made Bali so truly magical. 

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