Friday, November 26, 2010

Wisteria Outlet Opening

I have always admired Wisteria's aesthetic from afar (via the internet).  By a stroke of luck, my recent trip to Dallas coincided with the opening of the new (and larger) Wisteria outlet, the only location where you can see their gorgeous furnishings and accessories in person.  I just had to make a pilgrimage there to see it for myself.

Who can forget this ubiquitous picture?  This settee made the design blogosphere swoon.

image via Wisteria

And it was at the Wisteria outlet!  It was much smaller than I had pictured.

My husband was a good sport and posed for scale
I would love to place it in a bedroom.

The showroom floor had so many things to admire, it was unfortunate that I had to rush to squeeze in a visit on our busy trip. I didn't have nearly enough time to take in everything.  

As usual, I was most drawn to the globally inspired pieces.  I could take that Moorish chest home with me immediately.  I have a very strong feeling I will be back sooner than later.

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  1. Beautiful pieces! I am ready for you to design my house, please!