Friday, July 22, 2011

House Progress 10

I was promised lots of progress and it was delivered.  The front of the house is getting its finishing touches--the shutters were installed--and the landscaping is currently being planted despite the sweltering heat:

The posts for the fence are up:

The cement walkway was successfully poured:

Our front door was painted:

All of our appliances were installed, with the crowning glory of our Viking stove (I better do a lot of cooking!):

The floors were stained.  Below is my best picture of the stain since the floors are all covered throughout the house:

The carpet was installed, and I will leave you with this last photo--one more week!


  1. Amazing! It's really come together. Gotta make sure the AC is working before you move in ;) Love the kitchen and can't wait for you to make me quesadillas on that oven, ha ha!!

  2. Wow so exciting, it looks the kitche, the color you painted your brick, the balck front door...its all fabulous! Great job, you should be very proud. One week till you move? jealous but so happy for you!!!!

  3. Your home is gorgeous and I love the built in stove in the kitchen. I am so excited for you!!


  4. WOW Kate, your house is looking spectacular...I am in love with your Viking stove and can't wait to see those beautiful stained floors! The shutters reminds me of the villa I used to live at in must be super excited to move to your lovely home next week...WOW! Congrats my dear!

  5. Everything is looking so gorgeous !! Cant wait to see it all finished :)


  6. it looks gorgeous. can't wait to see more pics. I'm off for a 2 week vacation. so happy! "see" you in 2 weeks again. BIG hugs

  7. its looking fab! I am also painting my island Grey but lots of the colors im picking turn out violet! yikes what color are you using?

  8. When can I move in? :) It's perfect! I love the colour you have chosen for the exterior!

  9. Beautiful home - Love the gray! Good luck with the finishing touches!