Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Secrets from a Stylist + Design Star

My hands down favorite show on HGTV is Secrets from a Stylist (followed by Selling New York).   Hosted by Emily Henderson, after winning last season of Design Star (I rooted for her all season), her presence on HGTV is a breath of fresh air.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the show, I love her style diagnostics where Emily sums up your style after you pick a few choice objects: the objects are always different whether it is a set of tiles, flowers, or wallpaper.  Saturday night, she summed up a couple's style after having them choose their favorite towel and chair from a set of miniature dollhouse chairs complete with Eames recreations.  I often pause the TV and have my husband pick out his object to see if our tastes match.  My husband is such a good sport to be subjected to most of my TV whims :)

Then, she diagnosis your style based on these items and sets out to design a room first by incorporating only one style and then layering in the second style to create two complete looks.  Emily Henderson also documents a lot of her sources on her blog, Style by Emily Henderson, after the show airs.  The second season of Secrets from a Stylist just debuted on Saturday night, and I think Emily Henderson hit it out of the park with the first renovation of a Master Bedroom.  Here are some of her past designs:

Images via HGTV
 Last night, the new season of Design Star started, did you watch?  Who is your early pick for this season's winner?


  1. ive never watched the show, but would LOVE to be able to get it here in norway. i love this styling too...so simplistic yet classy!

  2. Love the style but haven't seen the show..great another show I need to watch, watching these reality shows could become a full time career! There are so many good ones. Beautiful eclectic mix of styles above but somehow still very soothing and elegant!

  3. I want/need Emily to come to my house! I still have Design star on my tivo for tonight...

  4. Bummer! I miss out on all the good shows here in the UK. By the pictures above, I am missing out :(

  5. I love her style ! She is great. I didnt know a new season started...I will have to set my dvr to record it !! Ha :)


  6. oooh you had me at the first shot! I now added Secrets from a Stylist to my Sidereel profile, I'll start watching season 1 tomorrow. Something tells me it'll be a marathon ;-)

  7. Oooh, it is too bad we don´t have the show in Norway :(
    Have a wonderful day :)
    xx Marie

  8. So what does it mean if my favorite flower combo is pastels of peonies and roses?! (no greenery, just the bunches of color and clean stems)