Friday, July 8, 2011

House Progress 8

Thanks everyone for all of your comments on my House Progress.  It is fun to hear what you think and receive your encouragement, it is truly appreciated!  Let the countdown begin: we are three weeks away from closing.  It's hard to believe it will be finished in time but it still sounds like we are on track even if they are rushing.

They finally painted our exterior, and I am happy with how the color turned out:

Now they have to add the shutters, do all of the landscaping, and a number of other exterior things--this is the biggest obstacle to closing.

They installed our mosaic marble tiles on our tub, which is the same tile we have on our backsplash.  I have to finalize the trim piece to finish it off:

They also installed all of our mirrors except for in the master bathroom.  One of the less exciting Jack & Jill upstairs bathrooms:

The opposite side is very similar along with our second upstairs bathroom all with the same basic mirrors and fixtures.

The powder bathroom with the mirror and electricity!

Couldn't figure out an angle to take this picture without me in it :)
Have a great weekend!


  1. The exterior colour is very elegant, Kate. It's nice to see how everything is coming to a close. Have a great weekend! :)

  2. wow love your exterior colour...your house is looking great!

  3. So exciting! love the exterior color...the mosaic, the powder room, its all looking so beautiful and really coming together!! When do you hope to move?

  4. oooh I am envious of that tub! Congrats on your lovely home.

  5. Tina-we are hoping to move the end of July or beginning of August depending on how bad the odor is from the stained floors right when we close!

  6. Love the color !! Everything looks great :) How exciting!!


  7. Love the exterior, it looks beautiful. I can imagine it will be more gorgeous with the shutters and the completed landscaping. And the tiles on the bathtub are fabulous, too. Have a great weekend, Kate!


  8. Love the color hon, it's gorgeous. And that tub - love it. Living in Denmark (being the capital of eco) no one has bathtubs - we all shower and only shower. Sometimes I would love to just soak in a tub like that!! Have a great saturday.
    A xx

  9. so exciting!!! i love the outside of it - i can't wait to see the finished product! (i'm sure you can't either :))