Friday, July 1, 2011

House Progress 7: It's All in the Details

The necessary home inspections have made the House Progress a little slow but it is fun to go by to check out the new details that seem to be added every day.

Our doorbell:

The house still has not been re-painted :(

All of the toilets have been installed along with the plumbing:

Never knew I could get this excited about a toilet.

Which also means we have running water:

Our faucet in our powder bathroom that had been backordered has finally arrived:

All bathrooms have been completed-here you can see our tile:

The same tile was repeated in our completed utility room:

And a full shot of our kitchen that now has our recessed can lighting installed:

Our closing date is at the end of this month, and we are still on track so I'm thinking big changes will be coming next week!


  1. Exciting!! Like those modern sinks!

  2. So exciting, I can so relate to your comment about being excited over a toilet! How funny but so true. The house is really coming along, so exciting. The kitchen looks fabulous, love that gray? island. Can't wait until you start to decorate, thats the fun part!! Good luck.

  3. Kate, it's looking fabulous! You must be incredibly excited now! I love that beautiful light in the bathroom!

  4. this is exciting! looks wonderful! happy weekend and virtual hugs

  5. The kitchen is SO gorgeous !! Love everything. Cant wait to see more.


  6. Wow, I can't believe how far it has come....can't WAIT to see the final product.

  7. Closing end of this month? That's great news! I feel so excited for you. Imagine all the decorating you can do! Can't wait to see the house completed! Lovely kitchen, by the way.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Kate!


  8. so very exciting!!! i love your bathroom sinks, bigtime

  9. Its looking so great :)


  10. I think I'm in love with the bathroom sink and faucet! Can't wait to see what changes come next!