Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Camel Cape

If there is one fall/winter item to purchase on my list it is a camel cape.  And actually, my favorite one that I have seen so far is from Rachel Zoe's line (#2).  I saw it at Neiman Marcus a couple of months ago, but now it appears to be unavailable online.  Seems like many others agree with my choice if it's sold out!

I would love to wear this all winter.  What is on your fall/winter shopping list?

1. J. Crew Knitted Wool Cape
2. Rachel Zoe Wrap Collar Cape
3. French Connection Military Cape
4. Topshop Double Buckle Cape


  1. Thats a great looking cape...camel is one of my fave colors for fall/winter and a cape is such a classic piece, reminds me of Renee Russo's gorgeous wardrobe in The Thomas Crown affair, I drooled over all her clothes! Love these but agree the RZ number is my personal fave thats great for her that its sold out! It was such a natrual step for her to design her own line...don't you think? Good luck on the cape hunt.

  2. I am picturing myself wrapped up in the second cape with some fabulous skinny jeans and sky high heels (and maybe a martini in one hand, I think capes call for martinis or champagne)!

  3. All beautiful picks, Kate! My personal favorite is the second one by Rachel Zoe, too! Love the belt and collar detail, it's a very stylish piece!


  4. Camel coats are gorgeous! I love this selection-Rachel Zoe's take on the coat is my absolute favorite, though.
    I love your blog! <3


  5. Love the Rachel Zoe cape, in fact, I love her whole line, but the jcrew one is wonderful too...a must for me this winter!!

  6. Loving the camel color this fall. So chic!

  7. A cape has been on my mind as well. And camel seems to be the perfect shade for this item. LOve your choice. :)

  8. The best part about the cape is how it tied together.