Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Arrival

I woke up yesterday and it felt like Fall...finally!  I welcomed the season with a cup of hot chocolate:

Source: via sb on Pinterest

Admired some photos that my Dad took of Fall foliage on a recent trip to Michigan:

Images via Travelmoon

Even had cause to pull out my Hunter Boots again:

And got in the Halloween spirit: carving a pumpkin and buying Halloween candy:

Image via Dilly Dallas via Alisa Burke

I wish my pumpkin looked like this!  Aren't they amazing!!  For a DIY tutorial click here.

I hope Fall is really here to stay!


  1. Don't even tell me those mugs are made of chocolate!!!!!!! This will really make me feel like a loser in the do it yourself dept!! Nothing ceases to amaze me here in blogland...and those pumpkins, I mean seriously they are worthy of fine jewels...GORGEOUS!
    You are getting fall and we might be getting winter BEFORE HALLOWEEN! They are calling for possible snow tomorrow.....HELP ME.

  2. My life has taken on new meaning with being introduced to real chocolate mugs! YUM! I am carving my very first pumpkin this weekend so this is fantastic inspiration for me! Hope you have a lovely weekend Kate.

  3. Oh, my.. yesssss to those mugs! Yes to this post! Gorgeous!!!

    Are you drinking coffee? I stopped w/ this pregnancy but had a decaf yesterday w/ some chocolate cake. My husband and I went to a cafe and it was amazing! I'm crazy about chocolate lately! :-)

    How are you feeling by the way? I'm only 4 weeks away and having some strong braxton hicks. I'm trying to not stay in front of the computer for too long too.

    Wishing you a blessed weekend.


    Luciane at

  4. Now, it seems like hot chocolate will never be the same...I will always be wishing I was drinking out of a chocolate mug!

  5. That chocolate mugs are super awesome! Adore the beautifully designed pumpkins, too!

    Have a fantastic weekend, Kate!


  6. Yes to those chocolate mugs! Have a wonderful weekend, Kate!

  7. Chocolate mugs!?!? KATE. We're drinking out of those next time I'm in Dallas. We've gotta order them. OMG, in Belgium they have pieces of dark chocolate to melt into warm milk for hot chocolate: HEAVEN. You would've loved it. Love fall!!

  8. Those pumpkins are so cool! Love your blog, thanks for checking into ours :)

    ~Nicole xoxo