Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Scandinavian Wedding: Copenhagen

There are only so many cobblestone streets, picturesque waterways, colorful old world architecture, and all around beautiful scenery that can fit in one post, so I am splitting up my Scandinavian adventure in to a few parts.  Starting with my first stop: Copenhagen.

Upon dropping off my bags at the central train station, I made it a mission to find a square.  Well not just any square, only one with cobblestone streets and an outdoor cafe would do.  I just wanted to bask in being in Europe again and sip a cafe americano while taking in the view in complete quiet.  Relaxing while drinking a cup of coffee with a toddler is few and far between to begin with, so I couldn't imagine anything better at the moment.  I turned out of the train station and walked down the street to fully realize I was definitely back in Europe when I saw this building (only in Europe is building after building such architectural eye candy):

After a walk down the main shopping street of Strøget, I ended up here:

I couldn't have dreamed up a more perfect location.

(My little spot looking out, aaaaahhh heaven!)

I walked around some more taking in the views and admiring all the bikes--they were everywhere parked on the streets, whizzing by, and leaning up against buildings:

I met up with my friend who had just flown in, and we hopped on a canal tour, taking in the famous sights by boat:

Famous Little Mermaid Statue

We strolled through Nyehaven probably the most recognizable street in Copenhagen:

We sampled Danish hot dogs, pastries, and soft serve, all three an absolute must!  

And then took off to visit the famed hippie part of town: Christiana.  It was a totally different view of Copenhagen, gone were the pristine streets and immaculate Danes pedaling on their bikes switched out for graffitti and stoners. Quite an interesting juxtaposition:

On the way there and back we passed by many furniture and lighting stores, and I got to see the Wegner chairs in a real Danish shop, which was a fun sight:

On the way out, we passed by Tivoli Gardens: 

And off we went to take the train to Sweden...


  1. How lovely! The Baltic countries are some of the few places on my bucket list that I haven't been to yet. Every time I see photos of them it just makes me want to go even more. Fingers crossed that my cruise ship job will sail me over soon! Thank You for sharing (and turning me green with envy)

    1. How fun to work on a cruise ship...I would love to return to Northern Europe on a cruise one day! (I went on semester at sea so I think there is nothing better than taking a ship around the world :)

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