Monday, September 30, 2013

Scandiniavian Wedding: Landskrona & Ven

After a short train from Copenhagen passing through Malmo we arrived in Landskrona, the hometown of the groom.  By day, it was an idyllic place dotted with colorful cottages, immaculate and colorful landscaping;  cobblestone streets and a small central square that was filled with a market on weekends.  At night, it's a sleepy town: on our walk to the hotel at 9:30 pm all the buildings were empty and dark, and not a soul was on the street. 

Upon arrival at the hotel, we were greeted with this adorable welcome bag filled with things like Swedish candy and also enjoyed a people filled reunion in the lobby.

The beautiful town of Landskrona and a view from outside the restaurant on the harbor:

The next morning we took a ferry ride to Ven, where the bride and groom had gotten engaged, to take a bike ride for the day around the island.

This was the view upon sailing in:

A cafe greeted us when we left the dock:

We hopped on a bike and were off:

Cycling through the countryside, there was farmland on one side and sea views on the other:

Other stops included, lunch by the water, a quaint church upon a hill with this view:

A pouring rain break where I put on a poncho and almost lost everyone, and a whiskey distillery.

We walked around the town of Landskrona upon our return.  Case in point, adorable cottages and perfect landscaping:

There was an open air museum that displayed traditional Swedish homes that were decorated with traditional embroidery and vignettes across from the Landskrona fort:

The Landskrona Fort

A walk around town

That evening was the rehearsal dinner that took place at the groom's home.  Check out the tent and water view from their second story balcony:

We took a small walk over to a neighbor's house to hold the actual wedding rehearsal.  I love what a small knit community they enjoy here: 
Some of the bridesmaids at rehearsal dinner
I know I said I was going to split this up in three parts, but I have to dedicate a whole post to this wedding (and there is still Stockholm to see).  Come back and check it out, because it was a fantasy wedding that included lush scenery and a Swedish castle!


  1. how lovely! can't wait to see the wedding!

  2. Landskrona is my favorite place to go to in Summer. It has such beautiful summer houses! Ven, of course, is yet another story !