Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Master Bedroom Art

I am so excited about the new addition to our Master Bedroom--we finally hung art above our nightstands.  As I have been explaining along the way, art has been the finishing touch we have been adding to each room, figuring it out as we go when the right piece catches our eye:

I purchased this art from Sarah Swanson of Flourish Design + Style's Etsy Shop (She also featured my bedroom on her blog here).  Her art pieces cost $10 read that right--$10 for original art.  I purchased some Ikea frames and a large custom matte...and voila we finally had some big statement pieces that I really love!

There are so many great paintings to choose from in Sarah's Etsy Shop (all are $10) and so many ways to use them-- you can't go wrong.  You can visit here.


  1. Looks beautiful, a stunning and restful space.

  2. I want to move in! Looks great, girl. xOX

  3. Your bedroom looks beautiful. The artwork is a great addition, Kate!


  4. Oh your bedroom! :) She has beautiful things!