Thursday, April 14, 2011

Designer Spotlight: David Jimenez

I was greeted by this stunning vignette upon entering this Palm Springs open house.  It may have been the stools in my favorite yellow hue under the mirrored table, the gold and white lamps standing tall against a metallic wallpaper, or a mixture of the entire mise en scene, but my heart starting beating faster hoping that around the corner I would be equally delighted.  

I was met with colorful rooms, more graphic wallpaper, and above all, more touches of citron, blending into a Palm Springs masterpiece.  I had stumbled upon this open house while attending Modernism Week, touring mid century modern homes in the area, but while I enjoyed the detail of the homes from that historic time period, it was surprisingly this house that I truly fell in love with.  See my full house tour here.

Below are a few more favorites from angles that I was not able to capture:

It was only later through some internet surfing around the blogosphere that I came to discover that this home was designed by the talented David Jimenez.  Since my discovery, I have seen the image of this entryway pop up so many times I feel surprised that I didn't stumble upon it before.

Of course, I wanted to learn more about this designer and see his other projects.  Through looking at his portfolio, I was initially struck by his ability to infuse his designs with the context of place in a fresh and modern way.

First, there is the Kansas City Main House:

The luxurious and neutral fabrics with touches of black interspersed make for a very rich space.

The sumptuous library with a leather ottoman is comfy but not too serious with the use of the graphic patterned rug.

Kansas City Carriage House Modern:

I have been scouring the internet for inspirational desk images, and I have found one in this office area.  I could lounge in that chair for hours and set my coffee on that stool, and when my eyes get strained from staring at my laptop too long, there would be the beautiful artwork to stare at for a break.

Kansas City Carriage House Classic:
That gallery wall is chock-full of beautiful images, and this room has the perfect mix of comfort and sophistication--it is a place where I could picture myself curling up with a good book and feeling right at home.

Jimenez perfectly proportioned this small kitchen nook, it is cozy but appears larger with the black and white photos of the clouds and sky creating a faux window to the outside world.

 Palm Springs Mid Century:
I appreciate the divergent style from his Hollywood Regency Palm Springs Home design.  It still reflects a sense of place but shows Jimenez's is not too one note when it comes to his Palm Springs' design style.

Although this home is dubbed mid century, to me, it is decidedly more eclectic.  Many of the other mid-century modern homes I saw in Palm Springs rigidly adhered to this design aesthetic, and while I appreciate their dedication to preserving its place in history, I am equally enamored with choosing interesting pieces from other eras.  

Images via David Jimenez
Here the mixture of styles are visually pleasing: the ornate gold mirror, orange patterned rug, and abstract artwork over the bed.

To see all of the dazzling images of David Jimenez's portfolio or learn more about this designer, click on his website here.


  1. Love love love! It's such a fantastic mixture of glamorous styles!(My favourite pic is the living room with the gallery wall...)

  2. Oh he is talented alright, he has a great eye and a wonderful way of making a room feel modern and updated with just the right amount of color and tradition. Love all the room and examples above.

  3. The room with the pink peonies is my fav!

  4. i love the room with the pink peonies as well!
    such an amazing designer. perfection.
    i am loving your blog too.
    so glad that we found each other!

  5. love these, especially the pops of yellow!! cute blog!

  6. LOVE the yellow - my fave color - seriously wonderful post xox

  7. My favorite color is yellow so of COURSE I am loving these designs. Hmmm... getting me excited about decorating our new home!

  8. love all the yellow details, they create great impact

  9. What a great post! I also clicked further on the house trip, love the yellow details. I have a dining room with yellow designer items, Cathrineholm, amongst other. It is really bringing the sun in!

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog, hope I can add you soon as one of my dear blogfriends, your blog is so nice. I had to peek on images of you and your hubby, he looks very handsome and kind, and you are a true beauty, honestly!!

    Greetings from Norway,

    Ingrid :)

  10. Simply gorgeous! Thank you for stopping by my blog, I am now a follower ;)
    xo Cara

  11. I actually came across the first pic as I've been searching for yellow/lemon rooms/furniture. But I haven't seen all the others! I love the third one, I will "pinterest it" to my collection!lol

    Have you noticed on the 4th picture, behind everything, it looks like the DIY Ikea cabinet?

  12. These are fabulous! I'm loving the gorgeous foyer. Have a wonderful weekend, Kellie xx

  13. I love the touch of yellow of the first ones!! Really inspiring! have a nice weekend!

  14. Gorgeous! I love your design features.xx


  15. It's all so amazing! I can't take my eye off of those chairs!!!


  16. The pops of yellow are perfection!

  17. I love David and his use of color...especially all the yellow accents! Glad you are deciding to introduce yellow to your home, I have been dying to find the perfect yellow silk to make drapes for my livingroom!