Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Escapes

It was a couple of Springs ago that I visited this city via a wild road trip from New York City...

It may lend itself towards Summer travel where I hear it comes alive and festivals abound, but I have found myself in an unconventional Spring Break locale once or twice.  My Senior year of college a friend and I decided to visit Boston during sub-freezing temperatures.  This caused many people to scratch their heads with wonder, as to why we weren't in Cabo or Cancun.  

But being from California, sometimes I took temperatures for granted and craved a change, which meant a location with real weather, even if that weather happened to mean that I had to pack gloves.

The beauty of this city is that if the temperatures gets the best of you, you can practically traverse the whole place underground.  There is world class shopping, restaurants, and if you parlez vous francais, you will be quite welcome.  It is also known for being the bachelor party central of the North.

Images via Travelmoon
It's Montreal.

Have a great week!


  1. Gorgeous photos! I want to go!

  2. Oh! I soooo want to go there! Love that picture looking out of the window!!!

  3. Oh, I knew it's Montreal from the 1st picture! I LOVE old Montreal! Isn't it magical? But yes, really cold at this time of the year.

    I always have a great time in Montreal... oh, my! I'm missing going there now. :-)

    Have a Blessed week!


    Luciane at

  4. beautifullll pictures!! I have never been, this makes me want to go!

  5. Oh, I've always wanted to go! It's the one major Canadian city I have yet to visit, but I do love how they retained so much of the French influence. I'd even tolerate the cold to see it, so I'm not surprised you went there during that time!

  6. What beautiful images...would love to visit!!

  7. haha! we seem to have the exact same taste in travel!! Guatemala, Uruguay, Montreal..I have the same pic from boucherie restaurant, lol..
    Isn't that cathedral absolutely beautiful??

  8. Thanks everyone! It is such a beautiful city to visit!

    @traveldesignery-we do seem to have very similar traveling tastes-can't wait to see more of your travel pictures!

  9. Kate,

    I was just there a couple months ago and loved every second of it, the only thing was that is was freezing so much:( I would love to go back with my sisters when it's a little warmer. I found some amazing furniture pieces at many cool little bars around the Old Montreal too.

    Lovely pics, I enjoy your pictures very much!


  10. Maurenice-Thanks! It was such a great city...but I do wish I could go back in the summer when the weather is much warmer and the city is livelier! You are lucky to live in NYC, because it is not so far away!

  11. I still don't think we were crazy to go to Boston! It was like uncharted territory. After all, it's "a must" to check off all the major cities in the US...where to next? You have to visit the Charleston and Savannah maybe!

  12. Very true...that was actually my second visit! You have my next must-see US cities nailed!

  13. Hi! Beautiful Pictures! I love Montreal! Such a beautiful city!