Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Candy Colored Settees

While I was lamenting the demise of the Urban Outfitters citron settee, I scoured the web for a reasonable substitute and found these settees from Nate Berkus' line at HSN:

While their yellow is more marigold than citron, I am also really liking the ikat pattern.  It's nice to know that not all is lost as far as reasonably priced settee options for my library.

P.S. Has anyone bought anything from Nate Berkus for HSN?  I bought a side table and was so impressed with the look and quality!


  1. I haven't... yet! But I have my eye on a great batik tray for my office!

  2. A great choice for your library, Kate. You only have to figure out what colour works best. I really love them all. :)Ada

  3. All these settees look really beautiful! Any choices would look great in your library. I haven't bought anything from Nate Berkus on HSN, but I have been eyeing for so many beautiful stuffs from his line.


  4. I LOVE that ikat one. I would buy it if I had a place to put it. And no havent bought anything from his line but I do love a lot of the things !


  5. I LOVE these! My favorites are the yellow and the grey :) I want one, and I want it NOW.
    xx Marie

  6. that lookslike the PERFECT chair I think!

  7. i'm totally in love with option #1... so stunning!