Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Escapes

I LOVE Europe in the summertime and it has been way too long since I've been.  It doesn't look like I will make it there this summer so the next best thing is to reminisce on trips past.

First stop-Krakow, Poland:

A charming city with an expansive, vibrant city square.

Culture, music, and sumptuous pierogis.

A towering clocktower:


For novelty, you can visit the nearby salt mines and travel to the bowels of the earth to see a whole city created entirely out of salt:

And of course no European city is complete without a castle:

Have a great week!


  1. Never been to Poland but like you, Europe to me is the ultimate during the summer. Wish sooooo much I was going this year!!! Oh well will keep enjoying everyones pictures until I do:)

  2. wonderful images! I visited Warsaw but only for a day. Happy new week

  3. I've never been to Poland either (no excuse really as I saw flights advertised for £35 the other day!) but I have so many Polish friends who tell me how fabulous it is! Once again, your pictures are beautiful and make me want to travel so much!

  4. Aaah I'm leaving for Europe in three weeks and CAN'T WAIT! Love it there in summer. Thanks for sharing these, hope you can make it there again soon!

  5. Beautiful images! I'm always looking forward to your Monday escapes. Have a great week! Ada

  6. Great pictures, Kate. Poland is so beautiful and colorful. Would love to visit one day!