Thursday, June 23, 2011

Chevron Floors a la Million Dollar Decorators

Is anyone as obsessed with Million Dollar Decorators as me?  I often think that Bravo can do no wrong, as they have me hooked on numerous shows and this one is no exception.  This week's episode featured this redesigned office by Mary McDonald where the floor was at first a big issue of contention:
Image via Bravo
The homeowner really hated it at first when the room was a blank slate with only the chevron floors as the focal point.  But once the room was finished and all the furniture installed, she really warmed up to the look.  I happen to love chevron floors, especially in a bathroom:
My favorite!

Another chevron floor by Mary McDonald

Images via Pinterest
How do you feel about chevron floors?


  1. I'm not a fan of the black and white chevrons on a floor(kind of gives me a headache and makes me dizzy) but I love the more subtle grey marble of that bathroom and the wooden floor in the last pic!

  2. oooh, I haven't seen this one yet! I love the bathroom look!

  3. Chevron's are beautiful and really can give a statement to any room! That bathroom is breathtaking...WOW! I am addicted to Million Dollar Decorators too...I love Mary's style as well. Thanks for your very sweet comment!


  4. We don´t have that TV show in Norway, too bad cause I would probably LOVE IT too!
    xx Marie

  5. I am hooked on Bravo too and watch pretty much all of their shows (with the exception of a few). Anyways ! I love the chevron floors...especially the second and third photos !!


  6. OMG - Kate, I'm addicted and I'm so sad MDD is only on once a week!!! Gotta love Mary knowing exactly what her clients like before they even have a clue... Love the chevron look and am wondering if it would work in a smallish bathroom.

  7. I can't believe those floors!! I'm so excited for our new apartment - it has chevron old wooden floors :)

  8. I love chevron floors, especially the second, fourth and the last one! I love almost every show on Bravo, too! Their shows are so addictive and original!

    Thanks for your sweet and kind comment on my blog! :)


  9. Really like the wood one actually!

  10. O.M.G. I have no words, lol... especially the second and third pics! gorgeous. I seriously need to get rich soon, haha..

  11. I love the subtle chevrons in the second pic and the last pic.

  12. I never knew it, but it turns out I do! I prefer the versions with less contrast, like that gorgeous dining room in picture #4, but yes, I really like it! It gives a special touch to a room, something slightly quirky so that your elegant touches look polished but not stiff.

  13. I like it! My favorite is the second pic...your favorite :) XO