Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Weekend Finds & a Dallas Visit

Besides having one of my best friends in town visiting over the weekend and indulging in a lot of Dallas tourist activities--read: Texas BBQ, The Sixth Street (JFK) Museum, nights out on the town, and eating our way through every Tex Mex restaurant in town--her shopping karma (she is the best bargain shopper around) must have rubbed off on me.

My Dallas tour is not complete without a stop at Wisteria.  To my utter dismay the deeply discounted suzani pillow I had eyed a few days before and had hoped to purchase was gone, but an internet search led me to find it online.  It is my first purchase for our future guest bedroom in hopes of taking it from beachy Southern California to global sophisticated all with one pillow and a few other choice accessories.

Before-Our old guest bedroom in Orange County:

The pillow will be replaced with this one: 
After a stop at Hard Eight BBQ (my first foray into experiencing Texas BBQ as well), we headed to Neiman Marcus Last Call nearby.  Everything in the store was buy one get 50% off the second item and after some creative purchasing with a friend I ended up with a pair of Cynthia Vincent wedges for a steal:
Hard Eight BBQ in Coppell, Texas
Hopefully, she doesn't think Dallas is all that bad and will come back soon for more than just the shopping!


  1. I forgot about that tower, did you guys go up inside to see the view? It was closed for almost the whole time I was living in Dallas for renovations!

  2. lovely to see these smiling faces! love the pillow

  3. Heeeellllooo shoes (both the wedges are your shoe boots in the last pic). NEED them!

  4. Love the shoes and the food in that BBQ!!! :-)

    You're so pretty!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  5. Love love love that suzani!

  6. secret lovers!!!!!! it was toooo easy! love you! xoxoxoxoxox

  7. i'm moving to dallas very shortly (from seattle). can't wait!

  8. I love your wedges and your toe nails :) It looks like you guys had fun!

  9. Beautiful pillow and I love your black boots! And you are so pretty, too!


  10. Erin-It's open now and is a Wolfgang Puck restaurant!

    Meghan-I got these shoes with an Amazon gift certificate when my other black booties broke, and I am obsessed: http://amzn.to/k5IiOi

    Thanks everyone else for the compliments, you are too sweet!

  11. Holy crap. I am in love with your new wedges...they are GORGE!!! I can't wait to see what you do with the guest bedroom, that pillow is a pretty awesome start (c: