Friday, September 2, 2011

Guatemalan Sun God

I purchased what I think is a Guatemalan antiquity when I was in Chichicastenango in March of this year:

Chichicastenango Sunday Market via Travelmoon

I wanted to mount it on a base similar to these Vicente Wolf examples:

Images via Lifting the Curtain on Design
In Wolf's book, Lifting the Curtain on Design, he speaks of finding objects and having them mounted on a base by a vendor at the Bangkok Sunday Market.  I would love to have access to that resource but since I don't see a trip to Bangkok in my near future, short of making one myself I have never found a source to make one for me at a reasonable price.

Then, I saw these examples that seem much more manageable to pull off.

Either mount the piece on a plain lucite base:

Or on a wood or steel base:

I think I may finally be able to take on this project.


  1. very cool. Guatamala is one my list!

  2. Love the lucite base and the wood or steel would look great too !


  3. Some great designs! Very lovely post.

    The Wanderfull Traveler