Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missoni Madness

I had some requests to recount how I fared at the Missoni for Target sale.  I have to say this is one of the few times I have been excited enough to get up early to brave a sale.  Usually I get really excited when the design collaboration is announced and realize I missed the sale the day after it happens.  I guess the allure of Missoni kept this sale on my radar.

As many of you know, the website was down for many hours, with only periodic openings of being able to get on the site even as of this writing.  After not being able to get on the site in the morning, I hopped in my car and made it to Target a few minutes before it opened.  Dallas is a shopping town, so I expected throngs of people.  Thousands of people arrived even going so far as spending the night at the mall waiting for the opening of Dallas's first H&M a few weeks ago.  This baffled me, but Missoni is a one shot deal so I thought it would be even more of a mob scene.

To my surprise, there were only about 35 people waiting at the door.  My aunt later relayed that there were 170 people at the Palm Beach Target where all the Palm Beach ladies stormed a Target in a less affluent neighborhood and went wild trading items from cart to cart.  However, this crowd while small were focused.  They pretty much snatched up all the inventory within 15 minutes.  When I went at the end of the day to return a few items so I could look at my receipt without cringing, everything was gone, replaced by the usual Target items, like it was all a figment of my imagination.

My favorite scores: infinity scarf, shaker with martini glasses, and towels.

My misses: the flats.  After hitting Home and Clothes the flats were sold out in smaller sizes at 8:07 am.

I am not keeping all of this!  Have to sort through my favorites!

Anyone else want to share their Missoni for Target experience?  I would love to hear about it, this whole phenomenon fascinates me.


  1. You are so funny, thanks for sharing your experience which sounds civilized and easy!! It was smart of you to get a bunch of things and sort through what you will keep! How did you find the quality? Glad you found some things, I am sure around here living in the land of shopping vultures, everything is sold out!

  2. I was wondering about the quality, too. Did these items meet your requirement?

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us!


  3. I also got the cocktail shaker. I am so bummed about the flats though!

  4. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality especially after the disappointing cheap shapeless cotton material I had been seeing in other collections!

  5. you can always sell them on ebay for 3xs the price

  6. Thanks for sharing, Kate. I wanted to ask about the quality, but I've just seen your reply above. I always have a question mark regarding these collaborations, but it's nice to here you were pleasantly surprised.

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    People went nuts. I mean, my experience was pretty placid, but from what I heard people were stealing carts and grabbing stuff out of people's hands. Crazy. And then people hoarded items only to try to make a profit. Not cool.