Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Missoni for Target is Here!

Today is the day!  Missoni for Target debuts.  I can't remember being this excited about a design collaboration with a mass retailer in well...EVER!  I am hoping to score everything from barware, to paper goods, to shoes, and clothes by shopping online.  I have never tried this before with Target's design collabarations, but I have limited time to go in the morning, and I am hoping that I will actually have a better chance of items being in stock if I can start shopping once it goes live.  The items are already being sold for many times their original Target price on Ebay from those lucky enough to have early access.  If anyone goes to Target today, I would love to hear your reaction to the collection!


  1. I am not running over to see it, because now everyone and their mother and their sister and their aunt and their cousins and their friends (well you get the picture) EVERYONE is going to be sporting this stuff and it will just lose some of its appeal to me. But it will be interesting to see how it looks and if they upheld the quality,etc....

  2. Can't wait to see your purchases, Kate. :)

  3. I've been trying to get on all morning and the site has been down! Ugh! I'm not looking forward to fighting the crowds in the actual store.

  4. I know....I haven't been able to get anything as the website keeps kicking me out! I guess I willl just admire the people that get it....please keep us posted with what u get.


  5. Looking forward to see your purchases!