Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Design Star

HGTV informed me that Design Star is holding auditions in Austin September 9 for their next season.  While this is not my cup of tea, I prefer to watch reality shows instead of participate in them and in this case, have proclaimed my trepidation with DIY projects-- I would love to see some more talent next season.  Maybe the limitations in how challenges can be executed contribute to this lackluster season and don't allow the contestants to shine, but it didn't seem to be the case last season, which I enjoyed so much better.  Maybe all of you Texans in the area can show them something better during these try-outs!


  1. I agree with Tina, you should go! You have great taste! :)

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  2. would be great !!


  3. Thanks for the very flattering encouragement! It is so sweet that you think I would be good on the show :)