Friday, December 3, 2010

Design Trends: Singapore

Yesterday we got a look at an Australian based magazine.  Today, I am taking you to Singapore.  

I always enjoy picking up local magazines when I travel to get a glimpse into the interests of the country I am visiting.  (Not to mention if you want to pick up an imported U.S. magazine, you will be paying over $16 so if you run out of reading material, local is the way to go.)

This time, I found Style Living, a Singapore based design magazine.  They featured a section on design trends and this is what they highlighted.  The world seems to be getting smaller and interests uniform in some ways, but there are still some diverging trends.

For one, there is this:

Plywood?  "Neither cheap nor nasty."  That is good to know.  Plywood is bringing "sexy back."  I will make sure to make a note of that.

This one is universal and classic.  Ikat is a perpetual global staple in terms of interiors, and now, it is also a fashion trend.

This one too, is no surprise.  The global trend here is: well, global.

The color teal.  I love all shades of blue in interiors, and teal pieces in small or large doses would be a welcome break from muted neutrals.  

I guess I was hoping for something a little more shocking or different, and all I got was plywood.  Still, Style Living with its guide to entertaining and interpretation of "country" decor (that's a whole other story) was entertaining and made for good plane reading.

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  1. Teal is the accent I am going with among my nuetrals...excited to hear that it will "add harmony to my space"...I need all the harmony I can get, ha!