Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sedona on my Mind

I remember the Grand Canyon--peeking over it, but keeping my distance, honoring it's majestic force, and trying to see down one mile in to the valley it formed, but memory is a funny thing.  I can't remember Sedona even though we visited on the same vacation many years ago.  

Although after this return trip, I can't imagine why, because while it's not the Grand Canyon the Red Rock formations in Sedona, should also easily be seared in to my consciousness, and from now on, I think they will be impossible to forget.

Bell Rock

Sedona is a place to visit for spirituality--whether it is a feeling, a connection, or an experience you are looking for, you might find it in one of the vortexes that surround the city.

It is also great for those who seek outdoor adventure: to hike, bike, or walk amongst the natural beauty is awe inspiring and envelopes you with a sense of calm.

These are the church windows from the Chapel of the Holy Cross where you also have an overlook of Sedona in all its glory.  Anyone looking for a wedding location?

How's this for a scenic airport?

Then, find a vista to enjoy the sunset, and revel in your day.

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  1. Sedona is THE most beautiful place in the entire world! Still my favorite!