Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Price of Beauty

A recent trip to do a quick errand at the mall led to the discovery that they had brought back, what was once a promotional makeup item (See #4), and got me thinking of my other favorite items that luckily are always available for purchase.

1.  Kiehl's Eye Makeup Remover.  My favorite eye make-up remover: non-irritating, light, and perfect for when you are feeling too lazy to actually wash your face.  
2.  Clinique Advanced Concealer.  Confession: I haven't used Clinique since Middle School, just the sight of that green compact transports me back in time.  I am always looking for the perfect concealer to hide an unsightly blemish and this one, that goes on like a liquid but with a powder finish, is the best I've ever found.  
3.  Ten Thousand Waves Yuzu Aromatherapy Mist.  Scent often evokes a memory, and with this Aromatherapy Mist I remember that relaxing spa feeling, and you will too.  
4.   Smashbox Limitless Liquid Liner Pen.  The best eyeliner around: a liquid pencil, that you don't have to turn, no clumping, and best of all you can control the line making sure it goes on evenly without smudging. 
5.  Kiehl's Coriander Lotion.  I love this fresh scent, and I once read it's Tory Burch's favorite.  Whether truth or fiction it still smells sweet, spicy, and delicious. 
6.  Moroccan Oil.  This product does wonders to tame hair, and gives it that ever elusive shine.  The smell is addictive; a family friend swears by it's curative nature, even going so far as lathering it on her face. 


  1. I just went on and ordered the eyeliner! I am excited to get it.

    P.S. Free shipping on Plus if you put in the promo code BDAY2011 you get a free lipgloss and blush =)

  2. You will love it! I was so excited to see that Smashbox brought it back...thanks for the promo code!