Friday, December 10, 2010


Before I departed for Texas, I had the chance to stop in at one of my best friend's newly purchased first home.  

They are in the middle of doing their own renovation and the transformation is quite impressive.  (The previous owner had a predilection towards unsightly shades of oranges and yellows, the color of gourds).  I give so much credit to people who DIY renovations.  We went to a backsplash tiling class at Home Depot, got excited to tile everything, and ended up delegating all renovation duties to the professionals.  Oh well, maybe in my next lifetime!

Of course, we couldn't stop by empty-handed.  It is often difficult to choose the perfect housewarming gift.   I prefer to give something that brings good luck or contributes to feng shui.  Live plants enhance feng shui, so flowers or plants can be an easy go-to, but I decided on a succulent bouquet.  

Succulents far outlast flowers, which will be wilted and thrown away in less than a week, and they do not require the kind of dedication as keeping houseplants alive.  They only need direct sunlight once a day, and to be watered once every 7-10 days.  I think even I could manage that.

If you are in the San Diego area, there is a fabulous store in the Cedros Design District, Chicweed, with gorgeous succulents in sizes large and small, in different containers to suit your own tastes.  They also do custom arrangements.

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  1. hi Kate, I love this idea! Thanks for the tip! Hope all is well in Texas.